Set of 2 34″ Tengen Uzui’s Dual Nichirin Swords with Shoulder Strap

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This is a masterpiece Tengen sword, and the best out there. If you’re a fan of anime swords, this piece is for you. This sword is from a famous animated series called Demon Slayer. It belongs to Tengen, a flashy Hashira from the series.  As seen in the series, it is a pair of Nichirin cleavers. They are connected through a chain. So, this set of two is your ultimate sword collection. the swords come with a shoulder strap to easily carry them around your shoulder. Each of the swords is 34 inches in length. The blades are made of carbon steel with a leather sheath.
Our masterfully crafted real swords are inspired by Tengen’s swords, including the colored carbon steel blades (toshin) and their iconic shaped guards (tsuba). These metal replicas of the Tengen swords are 31 inches long and come with leather sheaths (saya). The blades are blunted and an ideal home decoration or cosplay photoshoot accessory. The swords come in a pair and with attachable metal chains. So, make sure you add this beauty to your sword arsenal. Shop now at the cheapest wholesale price. Grab 6 or more pieces to get a 20% discount. Place your order and get instant shipping at your doorstep in the US and Canada.
  • Overall Length: 34 inches
  • Blade Length: 22.5 inches
  • Handle Length: 11.5 inches
  • Blade Width: 3.25 inches
  • Guard dimensions: 3.25 in x 2.75 in
  • Weight: 2 lbs for each sword
  • Material: Carbon Steel Blades
  • Sheath Material: Leather