Harry Potter Electronic Magic Wand can launch Fireball (Fire Spell – Incendio)


    Instructions :

    • [Flame Wand]: Put the flame paper in, turn on the switch, recite the spell, shoot the flame, restore the movie magic scene, and make you a different magician
    • [Safety]: The inside of the wand adopts a metal inner tube, which is safe and reliable
    • [Double switch design]: spraying double switch, toggle switch + mute button switch, the button switch does not trigger when the toggle switch is closed, and the button switch triggers when the toggle switch is open. The advantages of double switches are that they are safer and prevent accidental touches, and they are more convenient. For example, consumables can be loaded in advance, and the toggle switch is turned off.
    • [Multi-scene application]: suitable for all kinds of parties/festivals/holidays/shows/performances/ceremonies/marriage proposals


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